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 Melissa Evans has over 25 years' experience as an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Life Purpose Empowerment Coach, Relationship and Soul Alignment Coach, Business & Personal Mentor, an intuitive Healer to help shift blockages from such issues like depression, anxiety, Self-doubt, Self Esteem and Confidence issues and Grief. My readings will both inspire and up lift you whilst looking for solutions in any area of concern.

In order to move forward in one's life's melissa looks at what's blocking you from doing so in her readings. 

location is Brisbane Manly QLD where I offer face to face and remote readings either by phone, skype, facetime, both for national and international clients, my mobile is 0404 077 378 or go to my contact page to send an email.

My Readings are both self- Empowering and designed to reflect upon a particular aspect of your life and to help you find the answers to questions relating to career, relationships, money, or even life guidance. The readings are Guided by my spirit guides, every reading is different and not every client is the same, I Work with my Guides, and you're loved one's to give sincere in-depth readings. 

Melissa is also the proud Author of the Positive Beginnings Affirmation deck, published by AnimalDreaming. Melissa created these after many years working alongside her clients. The affirmation deck is to help clients bring positivity into your life that will inspire, uplift, and help you manifest moving forward on your journey, or simply to heal from any situation you need help with. Each of the cards in the deck provides a symbolic meaning with their intent.  I AFFIRM. 

(Disclaimer....All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person's personal life and do not in any way give advice on legal, financial or health advice. All readings are meant to empower you to make your own best choices. You have full responsibility for making the best choices in your life. I’m here as a guide or facilitator.

Set Your Intentions for Transformation Healing and Success. 50 positive Affirmation cards designed to motivate inspire and help you stay focused on your goals and dreams. Grab your own deck of Positivity now to guide you and inspire you to your answers.

 Great for Practitioners, Therapists and Healers. $21.95 plus postage. 










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