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 I have been blessed to follow my life purpose work and to help many clients that come to me for guidance and healing throughout their lives. I have always been intuitive and sensed things around me, I could sense when things were about to happen and spoke to the spirit world all though my life. I have had many life experiences from both good to bad and have now gained lots of wisdom and strength throughout all of those things to understand my clients' problems as well and to empathize with my clients. 

I have been reading the Tarot and Angel cards for over 25 years and always love the opportunity to read for someone new every time. My Psychic readings are different where I help the client see their issues and help them put some small goals in motion before they leave. I'm very much in the here and now with my readings.

As a Medium those closest to you will always come though as this side to my business is very popular. Connecting with your guides and angels is a privilege and I take it seriously.

I'm a Qualified Counsellor who works from the inside out and have a strong belief that problems need to resurface in order for change to come about and love working alongside my clients watching change throughout their lives. As a life coach as well, we work together to bring about change and strategies in moving forward.  My goal is helping others become the best version of themselves.

 My motto in my work is LET GO and surrender always! only then do we fully let go do we then live in peace and harmony, and then can we finally move on, and I can help you do that.

Empowerment work with clients is a huge side also to my business and I have many happy repeat clients who have changed their lives and become the person they truly wanted to be.

Not only do I give Readings I give you the tools and guidance to move forward with clarity and motivation. Business mentoring is also an area I love to work with, starting a small business or even wondering what's happening in your existing business I can help you with it.

Removing blockages is such a big thing in the work and is something I do pick up on whilst reading for a client.

(Disclaimer Readings are only a guide and should not be used for legal or medical advice)

I look forward to meeting with you and work with you to gain clarity, empowering you! and helping you to move foward in your live with more strength, power and motivation.

blessings love and light 


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